Failure as an event—-品味Seth


  • Prepare for the dip.Starting a business is far easier than making it succesful.You need to see a path and have resouces to get through it.
  • Cliff business is glamourous but dangerous.
  • Projects exist in a eco-system.Who are the other players?How do you fit it.
  • Being a dumbest partner in a room of smart people is exactly where you want to be.
  • And the biggest of all:persist.Do the next one.


  • 首先很赞同seth所说的the biggest one:PERSIST(往往聪明人都不这么做,所以很成功的智商都不是很高,而是最能坚持的)
  • 机会往往只有一次,错过了将不再有
  • 永远不要凭直觉,调研是一门必修课